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A reusable alternative to paper towels.  Each roll is made of individual towels made from up-cycled flannel that have a variety of uses in the household. 

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Paperless Towels

Each roll is made up of individual towels that are made from 100% cotton upcycled flannel.  Each towel is finished along the edges and then individually rolled onto a paper towel tube. The result is a roll of towels that can be used one at a time just like paper towels.  But these can then be washed and re-rolled onto the tube and used again and again. They are super absorbent, soft, easy to wash and quick to dry. The rolls come in 2 sizes: 16 towels, or 32 towels to a roll.

Baby Wipes

Each kit comes with 16 oval wipes in a variety of different patterns. The wipes come in a water-resistant carry case – easy to slip into a diaper bag for use on the go.  Attached to the case is a recipe for a home-made baby wipe solution that you can make yourself and carry with the case in a small squeeze bottle (bottle not included). Also made from 100% cotton upcycled flannel, these baby wipes wash and dry easily.

Everything Else Wipes

A bundle of 20 oval wipes in a variety of different patterns.  These are multi-purpose wipes. Use for anything from makeup removal to family cloth to wiping small surfaces clean.  Keep a bundle in your car for quick spill clean ups; or add some to your camping supplies. Also made from 100% cotton upcycled flannel and easy to wash and dry.




The idea for Paperless Towels began in 2013 when I was looking for an alternative to using paper towels around the kitchen.  I had been using hand towels instead of paper but found that although I was using less paper, I was doing more laundry. In pondering a better solution, I found several options on ETSY that looked like a roll of paper towels but were made from terry cloth.  I felt that I could improve on the design and settled on the idea of using flannel since it has the quality of sticking to itself. Then, I took the concept one step further and thought “What about using recycled flannel sheets?” This adaptation makes the product even more appealing to me: I’m not promoting the production of new fabric, with all the energy use and pollution that comes with it, plus the material itself is less costly than brand new fabric.  

Customers have been responding with great enthusiasm to the product.  It’s an easy switch from using paper towels, since the roll of paperless towels can be slipped into any current paper towel holder you already have.  Washing the towels is easy and rolling them back onto the roll is a snap. Some customers have chosen to get creative about where they store their supply of towels, using a basket or other container rather than rolling them back on the tube.  Anything goes! Keep a roll on your table and use them as napkins; or keep a basket in the bathroom to use as guest towels; add a roll to your camping supplies, or pack a towel in with your lunch box.

Barb April - Founder and Creator

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